Team Diaries

Matt Simpson

  • Joined ‘Team Asynchronicity’ through discussion boards.
  • Selected and researched Google Hangouts for collaboration tool.
  • Familiarised myself with and created space on unit Wiki.

  • Completed readings for Internet Business basics.
  • Created plan for Collaborative software review.

  • Completed and posted full Google Hangouts review.
  • Completed some readings for contemporary economies.
  • Collaborated with team to decide on Evernote to being our collaboration tool of choice.
  • Setup Evernote and became familiar with chat system.
  • Collaborated in a shared note to write up a Project Plan and proposed Netflix as the right candidate for the internet business case study.
  • Submitted Project Plan early due to absence of team member for the coming week.
  • Discussed and decided on Team Report content and structure with team members.
  • Completed readings on Netflix and used the application to gain a better understanding of it’s processes.
  • Worked with Dylan to deconstruct related articles in shared note.
  • Further read content on Attention/Network economies to further understanding of how Netflix relates.
  • Planned my chosen section of the blog.
  • Commenced writing
  • Finished section, posted draft to Evernote for feedback.
  • Organised and attended group meeting(s).
  • Created introduction and conclusion plan and further collaborated with team.
  • Re-worked article structure to blog and made minor fixes to grammar/flow.
  • Formatted blog to allow for more consistency in formatting.


Erica Smith

  • Choose collaborative tool for ongoing group project – Evernote
  • Discuss and select business for Team Report – Netflix
  • Create Project Plan
  • Submit Project Plan
  • Ongoing discussion asynchronously regarding content and outline of Team Report
  • Discussion and division of research areas
  • Create new chats for sub-teams
  • Continue with readings and case studies in the study guide
  • Further discussion between sub-teams to determine areas of further research
  • Begin targeted research post-discussion with Dylan
  • Finish readings and case studies in the study guide
  • Discuss blog ideas
  • Plan blog outline
  • Continue research
  • Begin writing sections on Internet commerce, and economies
  • Proof read and edit own posts
  • Finalise blog with group
  • Divide final tasks such as proof reading, reference checks, etc
  • Divide submission tasks such as Wikidot, and text submission
  • Create Word document for submission to Turnitin, email to team mates

Justin McAnulty

  • Became a member of a team via Blackboard discussion boards (Team 3)
  • Set up my wikidot page
  • Researched TeamSpinner for my independent research
  • Commenced reading the core readings for the unit
  • In conjunction with my team, decided to use Evernote as our collaboration tool and focus on Netflix as our internet business case study
  • Worked with my team to submit our Project Plan early due to my planned trip

June 27 to July 7 – On a cruise and not doing any uni work.


  • Made contact with my group to let them know I was back.
  • Planned out some sections for our blog so the group members can each take away some small chunks to complete and then bring back together; added some links with potential content/reference material
  • Group discussion around the breaking up of the agreed work. We decided that sections 1 and 4 would be best worked on after we have the bulk of sections 2 and 3 completed after we know what our content looks like.
  • We decided to break the team into 2 smaller groups to work on each of these:Continued reading some of the readings from the study material
    • Dylan, Erica – section 2
    • Matt, Justin – section 3
      • Within this, I have taken on the history of Netflix and the evolution of offline to online
      • Matt is taking a look at the Netflix Business Model and whether Netflix is successful (and is or isn’t a good example of an internet business model)
  • Continued reading some of the readings from the study material
  • Began writing my sections and seeking additional resources


  • Reviewed Matt’s initial work and provided feedback.
  • Consolidated my notes on the History of Netflix and the Evolution from offline to online ready to be shared with the group


  • Group work online to finalise the blog and tweak the aesthetics
  • Completed my final version of the History of Netflix and had Dylan publish it on the blog
  • Added a YouTube video to my article on the blog (a 1999 ad for Netflix)
  • Formatted my project diary to be included with the group submission
  • Wrote a summary/conclusion to end the blog


Dylan Smith

  • Discussed tools for collaboration with Team 3 (‘Asynchronicity’). Decided on Evernote as it had a wider array of tools than some platforms which were communication focussed.
  • Participated in the discussion and setup of new Evernote documents for the Netflix case study.
  • Started experimenting with WordPress templated and images for the Netflix blog.
  • Reading course materials.
  • Started a new note outlining the criteria for the assignment so we could evaluate our progress.
  • Discussed and agreed on which sections of the blog would be allocated to each team member. I will be focused on internet commerce in general and the attention, network and sharing economies.


  • Started a note for Erica and I to plan our section.
  • Started a note and posted some design ideas for the blog.
  • Combined the blog design with the project outline to see how the content flowed.
  • Started a discussion regarding style of writing – casual, academic, newsy etc – to be used for the blog. A newsier, less academic approach was agreed upon.
  • Continued researching my areas of the case study.
  • Contacted Sky for some feedback regarding copyright and our approach to the blog.
  • Confirmed specific articles Erica and I would be supplying for our part of the project.
  • Began writing text for the introduction, Network Economy and Internet Business Model articles.
  • Posted Sky’s response to our questions. Agreed with the group that we need to focus closely on Netflix in our writing.
  • Added my articles on Network Economy and Internet Business Models to the blog.
  • Changed blog template for one with a cleaner, easier to read format.
  • Lots of work on formatting the blog – applying images, making the text readable etc.
  • Posted introduction section to the blog.
  • Continued formatting and proofreading.
  • Added diary and submitted project.


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