There’s no arguing that the internet has enabled a shift in the way we communicate and interact with each other, how we consume art and entertainment and how we operate and interact with business and other commercial enterprises. It is no longer contemporary practice for commercial entities to operate with a business model that does not make use of the affordances of the internet.

The Netflix journey has been one of innovation from the beginning, with humble beginnings renting DVDs when DVDs were the new technology on the block alongside a solid commitment to filling a gap in the market – those hard to find titles that no physical retailer has on the shelves. Our case study has highlighted how Netflix has operated at a loss up front, but with a vision that success would come via the ‘long tail’. We’ve also shown how the organisation began with an online interface connecting customers to DVDs via post and developed and redesigned their business model over several years to become a video streaming service demonstrating a true e-commerce setup that operates, interacts and delivers its core business completely online.

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