Team Diaries

Matt Simpson
– Joined ‘Team Asynchronicity’ through discussion boards.
– Selected and researched Google Hangouts for collaboration tool.
– Familiarised myself with and created space on unit Wiki.
– Completed readings for Internet Business basics.
– Created plan for Collaborative software review.
– Completed and posted full Google Hangouts review.
– Completed some readings for contemporary economies.
– Collaborated with team to decide on Evernote to being our collaboration tool of choice.
– Setup Evernote and became familiar with chat system.
– Collaborated in a shared note to write up a Project Plan and proposed Netflix as the right candidate for the internet business case study.
– Submitted Project Plan early due to absence of team member for the coming week.
– Discussed and decided on Team Report content and structure with team members.
– Completed readings on Netflix and used the application to gain a better understanding of it’s processes.
– Deconstructed Netflix related articles in shared note.
– Further read content on Attention/Network economies to further understanding of how Netflix relates.
– Planned my chosen section of the blog.
– Commenced writing
– Finished section, posted draft to Evernote for feedback.
Erica Smith
27 June
Choose collaborative tool for ongoing group project – Evernote
Discuss and select business for Team Report – Netflix
Create Project Plan
Submit Project Plan
4 July
Ongoing discussion asynchronously regarding content and outline of Team Report
11 July:
Discussion and division of research areas
Create new chats for sub-teams
Continue with readings and case studies in the study guide
Further discussion between sub-teams to determine areas of further research
Begin targeted research post-discussion with Dylan
18 July:
Finish readings and case studies in the study guide
Discuss blog ideas
Plan blog outline
Continue research
Begin writing sections on Internet commerce, and economies
25 July:
Proof read and edit own posts
Finalise blog with group
Divide final tasks such as proof reading, reference checks, etc
Divide submission tasks such as Wikidot, and text submission
Submit Team Report